Montag, 2. Mai 2011

Thoughts on the western gal community...

Today I'm thinking about blogging in English again, but I'm not sure. Ok, I'm kinda doing it at this moment, but you know what I mean. Do I really want to blog about Gyaru stuff again?
At first, Gyaru style was so much fun for me. But since I've been reading in that "Western gal community" on LJ, it's all ruined for me. Last time I commented without insulting anyone and got very mean (anonymous) replies.
It looks like you can't be gyaru for fun, everyone is telling you that you need this and that to be gal.
But I actually liked blogging in English and thought about writing circle lens reviews and stuff, which wouldn't make that much sense in German.

Like I said before, I blame the admins of that community, who actually created a platform for cyber mobbing and personal attacks against girls who probably don't even know their photo is on that site. I hope you know you are ruining gyaru fashion for some people.

But now something else...

I used to have brown circle lenses which I really loved, altough my eyes are blue-green.
But when I couldn't wear them anymore I decided to buy light lenses (GEO nudy golden blue) because they would blend better with my natural eye color, which they did, but... for some reason I prefer brown lenses!
Now I fell in love with these:

Barbie King Size Circle Brown

They look big enough for light eyes and I read that Popteen models totally love these lenses!
I'm gonna order them next month!!