Montag, 2. Mai 2011

Double review: DollyWink no. 1 lashes + GEO nudy golden blue circle lenses (on light eyes)

Yesterday I wore the DollyWink no. 1 lashes and GEO nudy golden blue circle lenses and took some photos of my eyes! The make up isn't very good and looks a little smudgy, so focus on the lashes and lenses!

GEO nudy golden blue circle lenses

Ignore the URL, it's from my old blog -_-

This is my eye only with the Dolly Wink lashes, no lenses.

With lens in natural light

And with flash! Now you can see the Halo effect (the lighter part where the lens is bigger than the iris).

My natural eye color is blue, sometimes a little greenish. The lenses blend very well with my natural eye color and I like the halo effect. The Diameter is 14mm and gives noticable enlargement without looking too fake.
Both lenses and lashes are very comfortable, altough I have the feeling the DollyWink eyelash glue kinda irritates my eyes. But well, my eyes are pretty sensitive when it comes to fake lashes.

The website where I bought the lenses said I could use them 1 year, but now, after several months, they start to sting after some time. But I have to say, I didn't take good care of them the last weeks. -_-
I won't wear them anymore and buy brown or grey lenses next month!

Dolly Wink no. 1 upper lashes

I like the DollyWink lashes, they are not too long and fake-looking, but they give the eyes a cuter look.
They are comfortable to wear and the glue is awesome, but like I said, it irritates my eyes a little.
After wearing I gently pull the lashes off without any water. This way I can wear them about 5 times!
Here are some pictures of the cute package:

Wearing the lashes without lenses

Thoughts on the western gal community...

Today I'm thinking about blogging in English again, but I'm not sure. Ok, I'm kinda doing it at this moment, but you know what I mean. Do I really want to blog about Gyaru stuff again?
At first, Gyaru style was so much fun for me. But since I've been reading in that "Western gal community" on LJ, it's all ruined for me. Last time I commented without insulting anyone and got very mean (anonymous) replies.
It looks like you can't be gyaru for fun, everyone is telling you that you need this and that to be gal.
But I actually liked blogging in English and thought about writing circle lens reviews and stuff, which wouldn't make that much sense in German.

Like I said before, I blame the admins of that community, who actually created a platform for cyber mobbing and personal attacks against girls who probably don't even know their photo is on that site. I hope you know you are ruining gyaru fashion for some people.

But now something else...

I used to have brown circle lenses which I really loved, altough my eyes are blue-green.
But when I couldn't wear them anymore I decided to buy light lenses (GEO nudy golden blue) because they would blend better with my natural eye color, which they did, but... for some reason I prefer brown lenses!
Now I fell in love with these:

Barbie King Size Circle Brown

They look big enough for light eyes and I read that Popteen models totally love these lenses!
I'm gonna order them next month!!

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Eau de parfum: Avril Lavignes "Black Star"

Gestern war ich mit meiner Schwester einkaufen und hab mich mal nach einem neuen Parfüm umgeschaut. Es sollte eher ein günstiges sein, also ging es nach Rossmann, wo ich auch mal "Black Star" von Avril Lavigne auf meinem Handrücken probiert habe... und eigentlich ist das ein richtig schöner Duft! Hätte ich nicht erwartet...

Wie ihr seht, kann man den Ring am Verschluss abmachen... wozu auch immer.

Ganz klasse... Vielleicht soll man den Ring eher an eine Kette machen?

Naja... Ich bin zwar kein sooo großer Fan von Avril Lavigne, aber mag sie ganz gerne. 
Hier ist übrigens der Werbespot für "Black Star". Das Lied dazu gibt es auch in voller Länge auf Youtube, ist aber nicht länger als 2 Minuten.

Auf der Seite von Douglas wird das Parfüm wie folgt beschrieben:

So unvergleichlich wie Avril Lavigne selbst ist auch ihr erster Duft Black Star. It´s me in a bottle - so bringt Avril kurz und präzise auf den Punkt, was ihren Duft ausmacht. Die Komposition ist gekennzeichnet durch blumig-fruchtige und geschmacksintensive Aromen, die sich zu einer energiegeladenen Einheit verbinden und ihre Trägerin mit einer aufregenden Aura aus lässigem Sex-Appeal und selbstbewusster Weiblichkeit umgeben.

Das trifft es eigentlich schon sehr gut... auf jeden Fall blumig und sehr weiblich, aber nicht aufdringlich. Einfach sehr angenehm und auch nicht teuer, weil es eine kleine Flasche mit 15 ml schon für etwa 14Euro gibt.

Ich  mag Black Star total gerne und kann den Duft nur empfehlen!

Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

Von jetzt an auf Deutsch...

Ich sehe nicht mehr ein, auf Englisch zu bloggen. Das habe ich gemacht, um vielleicht auch einige nicht-deutsche Gals kennen zu lernen, aber dank Gyaru Secrets hab ich keine Lust mehr auf die "Western gyaru community". Da sind mir die deutschen Gals wesentlich sympathischer und die kann man wenigstens auch mal real treffen, wenn man sich versteht. Keine Ahnung... ich finde es einfach ätzend, jedes mal beleidigt zu werden, wenn ich einen harmlosen Kommentar zu einem Secret schreibe oder ähnliches. 
Heute hieß es wieder, ich kommentiere ja nur, um Aufmerksamkeit zu bekommen, oder vielleicht ist mein Englisch ja so schlecht, dass ich die Secrets garnicht erst verstehe...


(Ich glaube, an dieser Stelle bietet sich Werbung für das deutsche Gyaru Forum an)

Also dann... baibaiii!

Sonntag, 27. März 2011

Book fair in Leipzig 2011

One week ago my friend Toto and I went to the book fair in Leipzig. Not really for the books, but the fair is huge and a part of it is about Manga and other Japanese stuff. It's a very popular event for Cosplayers and people who love Japanese fashion or other Japanese things. We wanted to go there to take many photos, buy something and meet some friends.

In the train on our way to Leipzig. We arrived in Leipzig after about 2 hours... kinda long. ( ̄、 ̄;)

Sooo many people, it was hard to get through the croud!

You could buy all kinds of Japanese crap, like bags, stuffed animals and also CDs of Japanese and Korean stars. My friends wanted a CD from Kara, but they were sooo expensive, like everything on the fair... (* ̄・ ̄) I ended up only buying two little pendants:

Panda and pig!

We even took a picture with Jigglypuff!

And the best thing was... we met Melissa!
She is my friends on Facebook and one of the cutest gyaru I've ever seen. I love her light make up wayyy more than the havier gal make up-styles! 
I knew she was there too, but we forgot to arrange a meeting... (* ̄・ ̄) Suddenly I saw in the crowd, and in the first second I thougt it's a Japanese girl and "Oh, she's cute..." and then I realized it was Melissa, ran to her and hugged her! (*´∀`*) She's so small and has the cutest voice! I wish I could have talked more with her... but I lost her in the crowd. I was so sad when I went home because I couldn't even say goodbye.
But we're definately meeting again!!

Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

GEO nudy golden blue Circle lenses on Caucasian light eyes

Yesterday I got my new circle lenses and I loveeee them! They are GEO nudy golden blue and Rui ordered them for me from Honeycolor

The lenses came with a cute pink box.

The color is light blue with a touch of yellow

I really hated my make up today and I promise to add more photos tomorrow, but here is a creepy picture with how my eyes look with and without the lenses:

*More photos coming tomorrow*

Montag, 7. Februar 2011

gal_secrets #121

I just  read the new gyaru secrets and was SHOCKED when I saw someone made a secret about me:

And of course I feel kinda flattered, but... the next time please choose one of my nicer photos. 
I had a reason for posting this on Facebook only... because it's not good enough for the gal community.

And about the flat and normal hair: I know it's just an advice, but like I said in my post on everyday_gyaru: I look best with straight hair and I don't even want my hair to be voluminous.
I mean, gyaru is about looking cute and sexy, not about wearing something that doesn't even suit you. Do we have to do everything exactly like the models in the magazines?

But still, I'm happy about the secret since I also see it as a compliment. 

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

[REVIEW] MAC Cremesheen A60 "Creme d'nude"

When Xin and me went to Berlin last Tuesday we went to Douglas where I discovered a corner full of MAC stuff. And because I can't get it in my hometown I used the chance and bought the MAC Cremesheen A60 "Creme d'nude" lipstick that I wanted for so long time.

I have pale skin and doing gyaru make up means accenting eyes, which goes best with nudy lips.
But it's hard to find a nude lipstick if your skin is pale, because most of them turn out to look brown.
After seeing reviews about MAC's "Creme d'Nude" lipstick I wanted it so much!

It costed 18Euro and the color is really light

PRO: The lipstick is creamy and yet quiet long-lasting, not drying out the lips.

CON: I expected it to give more coverage, but I also like how you don't look too "dead" since this lipstick gives your loips just a gentle breeze of nude. The price is quiet high, but still okay in my opinion.

Samstag, 8. Januar 2011


Yesterday I met my best friend and we went shopping. o(^^o)(o^^)o わくわく
And I found two really cute tops at Olymp&Hades! They are so cute! ♥

By Tom Tailor

By Shini Mode

After shopping we ate at MC Donald's. I haven't been there for so long time!
And today I bought a really cute necklace too:

It's a silver heart with a crystal! ♥

Today I tried to curl my hair, but I really failed... I've had curly hair before but I never liked it on me. ε-(´・`) And I still don't! I wonder if it's possible to be gyaru with wavy/straight hair only? FML.

And I'm still too lazy to do a review for my circle lenses, sorry. (。・_・。)