Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

[REVIEW] MAC Cremesheen A60 "Creme d'nude"

When Xin and me went to Berlin last Tuesday we went to Douglas where I discovered a corner full of MAC stuff. And because I can't get it in my hometown I used the chance and bought the MAC Cremesheen A60 "Creme d'nude" lipstick that I wanted for so long time.

I have pale skin and doing gyaru make up means accenting eyes, which goes best with nudy lips.
But it's hard to find a nude lipstick if your skin is pale, because most of them turn out to look brown.
After seeing reviews about MAC's "Creme d'Nude" lipstick I wanted it so much!

It costed 18Euro and the color is really light

PRO: The lipstick is creamy and yet quiet long-lasting, not drying out the lips.

CON: I expected it to give more coverage, but I also like how you don't look too "dead" since this lipstick gives your loips just a gentle breeze of nude. The price is quiet high, but still okay in my opinion.

Samstag, 8. Januar 2011


Yesterday I met my best friend and we went shopping. o(^^o)(o^^)o わくわく
And I found two really cute tops at Olymp&Hades! They are so cute! ♥

By Tom Tailor

By Shini Mode

After shopping we ate at MC Donald's. I haven't been there for so long time!
And today I bought a really cute necklace too:

It's a silver heart with a crystal! ♥

Today I tried to curl my hair, but I really failed... I've had curly hair before but I never liked it on me. ε-(´・`) And I still don't! I wonder if it's possible to be gyaru with wavy/straight hair only? FML.

And I'm still too lazy to do a review for my circle lenses, sorry. (。・_・。)