Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

Merry christmas! 圣诞快乐!メリークリスマス!

Did you all get nice presents? Spent christmas with your beloved ones?

I spent the evening with Xin, my little brother and my parents.
Xin bought me a new coat and my parents gave us a small oven that can be used for every kind of food.

And I tried to bake cookies for the first time! O(∩_∩)O~

Do you think they look okay for the first time?

I was kinda sad, because the cookies turned out to be hard and everyone pretended to like them, but at the end I was the only one eating... /(ㄒoㄒ)/ But it took me hours to make them! And they would have tasted really good if they just weren't so dang hard! ( ;ˍ ; )

But well! It was a nice day and I hope your christmas was good as well. Now I'm looking forward to New Year's eve! On December 31, exactly at midnight, Xin and I will be together since 3 years! I can't believe it's been three years now... the time seemed so short. ♥

New year's eve is the most exciting day of the year for me. Recently I bought a hair multi styler (for curling and straightening hair) to look awesome on December 31! It's not really an expensive one, but after posting photos on everyday_gyaru people kept commenting like "You would look so cute with curly hair!" and I have to admit, curly hair looks more gal. So I thought this would be great for New Year!
And it would be even better if my circle lenses would arrive before that day! I hope so. ♥

6 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

your cookies look great !! ^^

Julia Yan hat gesagt…

Thank you!

Dodo-Vogel hat gesagt…

After seeing you on every site in www~
(fb, e_g, etc xD) I finally found ur blog by chance xD

People are right, i look forward to see u with straight hair ♥

And with the cookies~
Every cookie made with love tastes even if it's hard as stone XD
next time try to put the pastry in the fridge, don't use much flour and try to make it quickly so the pastry doesn't get warm~
maybe they were too long in the oven though~

Ich hoffe Sylvester wird wieder ein besonderer Tag für dich ♥

Julia Yan hat gesagt…

How nice ♥

Aber ja, ich bin bei vielen Seiten angemeldet. :'D Aber auf livejournal bin ich nur wegen den Gyaru communities. ^^

Ich lade bestimmt bald wieder neue Fotos hoch. ♥ Und mein Blog Design wird auch schöner. :D

Also den teig hatte ich ja eine Stunde im Kühlschrank, ich glaube, die waren einfach zu lange im Ofen. :( Aber demnächst versuche ich es nochmal. ♥

Dodo-Vogel hat gesagt…

Ne es fällt nur bei fb einfach am meisten auf, weil du mit allen meinen Gyaru Freunden befreundet bist und dann Kommis machst und so xD

Das ist auch der grund warum ich bei lj bin :D

bin schon gespannt auf dein neues Design~

Tink thinks hat gesagt…

Die Kekse sehen lecker aus.