Montag, 7. Februar 2011

gal_secrets #121

I just  read the new gyaru secrets and was SHOCKED when I saw someone made a secret about me:

And of course I feel kinda flattered, but... the next time please choose one of my nicer photos. 
I had a reason for posting this on Facebook only... because it's not good enough for the gal community.

And about the flat and normal hair: I know it's just an advice, but like I said in my post on everyday_gyaru: I look best with straight hair and I don't even want my hair to be voluminous.
I mean, gyaru is about looking cute and sexy, not about wearing something that doesn't even suit you. Do we have to do everything exactly like the models in the magazines?

But still, I'm happy about the secret since I also see it as a compliment. 

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Rui hat gesagt…

dont care about secrets. you're beautiful with straight hair <3