Sonntag, 27. März 2011

Book fair in Leipzig 2011

One week ago my friend Toto and I went to the book fair in Leipzig. Not really for the books, but the fair is huge and a part of it is about Manga and other Japanese stuff. It's a very popular event for Cosplayers and people who love Japanese fashion or other Japanese things. We wanted to go there to take many photos, buy something and meet some friends.

In the train on our way to Leipzig. We arrived in Leipzig after about 2 hours... kinda long. ( ̄、 ̄;)

Sooo many people, it was hard to get through the croud!

You could buy all kinds of Japanese crap, like bags, stuffed animals and also CDs of Japanese and Korean stars. My friends wanted a CD from Kara, but they were sooo expensive, like everything on the fair... (* ̄・ ̄) I ended up only buying two little pendants:

Panda and pig!

We even took a picture with Jigglypuff!

And the best thing was... we met Melissa!
She is my friends on Facebook and one of the cutest gyaru I've ever seen. I love her light make up wayyy more than the havier gal make up-styles! 
I knew she was there too, but we forgot to arrange a meeting... (* ̄・ ̄) Suddenly I saw in the crowd, and in the first second I thougt it's a Japanese girl and "Oh, she's cute..." and then I realized it was Melissa, ran to her and hugged her! (*´∀`*) She's so small and has the cutest voice! I wish I could have talked more with her... but I lost her in the crowd. I was so sad when I went home because I couldn't even say goodbye.
But we're definately meeting again!!