Montag, 2. Mai 2011

Double review: DollyWink no. 1 lashes + GEO nudy golden blue circle lenses (on light eyes)

Yesterday I wore the DollyWink no. 1 lashes and GEO nudy golden blue circle lenses and took some photos of my eyes! The make up isn't very good and looks a little smudgy, so focus on the lashes and lenses!

GEO nudy golden blue circle lenses

Ignore the URL, it's from my old blog -_-

This is my eye only with the Dolly Wink lashes, no lenses.

With lens in natural light

And with flash! Now you can see the Halo effect (the lighter part where the lens is bigger than the iris).

My natural eye color is blue, sometimes a little greenish. The lenses blend very well with my natural eye color and I like the halo effect. The Diameter is 14mm and gives noticable enlargement without looking too fake.
Both lenses and lashes are very comfortable, altough I have the feeling the DollyWink eyelash glue kinda irritates my eyes. But well, my eyes are pretty sensitive when it comes to fake lashes.

The website where I bought the lenses said I could use them 1 year, but now, after several months, they start to sting after some time. But I have to say, I didn't take good care of them the last weeks. -_-
I won't wear them anymore and buy brown or grey lenses next month!

Dolly Wink no. 1 upper lashes

I like the DollyWink lashes, they are not too long and fake-looking, but they give the eyes a cuter look.
They are comfortable to wear and the glue is awesome, but like I said, it irritates my eyes a little.
After wearing I gently pull the lashes off without any water. This way I can wear them about 5 times!
Here are some pictures of the cute package:

Wearing the lashes without lenses